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"You’re hired." Those two words can change a life. We don’t take that lightly.

CareerBuilder has been about innovation from the day we started the internet’s first job board. Today we’ve transformed into an industry-leading, global HR technology company that is doing things others said were impossible. Our core purpose is to help employees, customers and clients to build a life that works. We want people who are passionate about their careers and fearless about their work, values that will continue to define what CareerBuilder is and where we’re headed.

Being an industry leader means each of us must be a leader and a team player. Regardless of the department or job title, every CareerBuilder employee has a voice. We value innovative ideas, problem solving, collaboration within and across departments, and candid conversations from every CareerBuilder employee. And that’s why when we say “You’re hired” it’s because we believe you share our passion and purpose to build a life – and a company – that works.
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